“Tolerate Genius” …. David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy, arguably the greatest communications genius of all time, founded Ogilvy & Mather in 1948. Even after his retirement, he remained highly involved in the business up until his death in 1999. He set a unique style, tone of behaviour and work – a spirit that lives on within the network.

The heart of our business remains our people and our clients: our success lies in our ability to ‘hire the kind of people our clients don’t have and wouldn’t dream of hiring’ (David said that too). We want to employ the best talent, specialists or deep generalists, to deliver the best results.

Our people fulfill different roles in client engagements. Regardless, it’s the journey that matters – from conceptualising an idea to seeing it through to flawless execution and presenting a point of view on the analysis.

The work we do delivers clear business results for our clients. Which is why they keep coming back.

The environment we work in gives you a job in PR and communications that blends art and science. Which is why many of our star performers are creative, logical thinkers.

If you’ve ever felt confined by being expected to work in only one dimension of thought, then Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is probably the place for you. People who can make this kind of leap feel at home here.

Ogilvy PR Australia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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