Diversity and Inclusion – Why it matters so much

Diversity and Inclusion – Why it matters so much
May 5, 2016 Kieran Moore

We work very hard to ensure that we have a happy team at Ogilvy PR Australia and there’s a very good reason why.  We place a lot of emphasis on our culture, to ensure it is consistent and critical to optimum performance.  Our people are valued and, they know the values we aspire to at Ogilvy PR

As we are in the business of people and communications, we want to ensure we reach the widest audience possible for our clients and we want to ensure we have the right culture in place for our people to do so.  We also need to ensure that our team reflects the audience of our clients; products and services and that we are reflecting the diversity and difference that bring the best ideas (and teams) to life.

Our mission at Ogilvy PR is to develop and cultivate a workplace culture that builds respect, fosters inclusiveness, promotes diversity and embraces everyone’s unique skills and qualities.

Which is why I am resolute about the rigour of our Diversity and Inclusion program, a focus for our talent and people for 2016.

We want to walk our talk.  We celebrate the diversity of Australia and we will give opportunity to, and include, the people who are a reflection of this nation.

We already have our formal employee recognition program – Trumpets – designed to acknowledge and reward our team members for the great work that we do. This program recognises behaviour based on our four core values – Partnership, Curiosity, Invention and Bravery.

Our Diversity and Inclusion program will take this further.  Diversity simply means difference and a workplace that values diversity and is free of discrimination is more productive. It covers anything and everything from gender, to place of birth, age and stage of life, sexual orientation, type of work, opportunity, qualifications, experience and so much more.

We activate our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in two ways at Ogilvy PR:

  1. Via the Diversity Council of Australia – which we have joined
  2. Via Career Trackers
  1. The Diversity Council of Australia has delivered a program for us on Unconscious Bias.

Our identity is at the centre of everything we do and around the outside there is a world of opportunity for inclusion – or bias – as illustrated by this diagram, below.


*Diversity Council Australia 2015

In our business, communicating with as diverse an audience as possible will expand our own thinking and unlock even more potential. It makes good business sense to do so.

  1. CareerTrackers – This is a national non-profit organization which supports the long-term career aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students. It engages students during their study and links them with employers who offer a multi-year paid internship. The aim is to prepare students for success at university, their chosen profession and in their respective communities. The program provides interns and their sponsoring company with year-round support with the aim of interns converting into full-time employees upon completion of their university degree.

This, to me, is Diversity and Inclusion in action at Ogilvy PR.  Ultimately each of our people will find their balance in life and work, supported by Ogilvy PR, leading to optimum outcomes in both their professional and personal lives.