Tumblr’s Launch Party

Tumblr’s Launch Party
September 1, 2015 Mia Bowyer

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram… Tumblr and Vine? And the list goes on and on. Today in the age of digital, there’s definitely no shortage of social media platforms from which to choose. And with social media playing an integral role across our marketing and communications initiatives, it’s critical that businesses understand how and when to best leverage different platforms in order create engagement with our target audiences.

This month, our social team attended #TROPVINE – the world’s largest short film festival; and Tumblr’s launch party in Sydney. In this recap, we’ll share what came out of the Tumblr launch party (apart from our filled stomachs and ringing ears)…

Speaking with David Karp (the CEO and founder of Tumblr) was nothing short of impressive. Young, entrepreneurial and successful (think the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel), Karp spoke about the rise of how Tumblr has really evolved over the years and turned itself into a unique platform, providing careers for the likes of Cindy Suen (from an everyday Tumblr blogger to winning consumer digital campaigns to having her work projected onto the sails of the Opera House at Vivid Sydney – just wow!).

What’s unique about this social media platform is the model of starting with creators, expanding to curators (people who ‘reblog’ creator content), to an even wider audience… ala, people who follow the curators’ Tumblr blogs). With an average of 14 reblogs per post, per day (and then multiply that further if people decide to redistribute it across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the big numbers for Tumblr in Australia.

• Almost 5 million users in Australia
• 60% are daily active users (DAUs)
• 1.6 billion posts per month
• 3.2 billion engagements per month
• 7+ sessions per day on average

What does this all mean for us as a business? Think about how your brand can have a role on Tumblr. The truth is, Tumblr is a really under-estimated and under-utilised platform, and with 4.3 million active users in Australia – which means it is actually bigger than Linkedin (that’s right!). And the fact that very few brands are on it means it is a blue ocean for your business to get a larger share of voice (and cut-through for that matter).

So there you have it, a well-established platform backed by numbers which offers brands the opportunity to do long-form storytelling digitally, using an array of mixed media (from videos to articles to images to animations to GIFs). And if we still haven’t convinced you enough to consider Tumblr for your next campaign or social strategy, here’s an example of a successful one for some inspiration: http://postitforward.tumblr.com

Written by Shirley Tat, Senior Social Account Director – Howorth Communications