Celebrating an inclusive nation this Australia Day

Celebrating an inclusive nation this Australia Day
January 25, 2017 OPR

Last year, two young Muslim girls went to Docklands in Melbourne to celebrate Australia Day. A photo taken of them on that day was used on a billboard to promote Australia Day 2017.

Racist groups complained and the billboard was removed. A crowdfunding project was launched on Wednesday to reinstate the Australia Day billboard. Dee Madigan of Campaign Edge hosted the crowdfunding effort saying, “the more money we raise, the more places we can run the ad.”

At Ogilvy PR, because diversity and inclusion are core company values, we decided to sponsor the campaign and make a stand this Australia Day.

Today, the ad appeared on billboards across the nation. Campaign Edge featured our Ogilvy PR logo on a billboard in Brisbane and at The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, showing our support for an inclusive Australia.

Our industry is slowly embracing diversity but we can help be leaders of change. Australia Day is about celebrating ALL Australians and the multiculturalism that defines our nation.

You can show your support by sharing the campaign’s message and embracing diversity this Australia Day. #putthembackup