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The Way We Work

Clients love working with Ogilvy PR because we create teams based on the nature of the brief (not the other way round) and can draw from our team of over 100 specialists across all PR disciplines. In some instances a client’s brief will fit within just one of our specialist teams, in which case we will put them in touch with someone from that specialist brand to be their lead relationship manager.

In most cases a client will come to us for work that crosses PR disciplines so we create an ‘Ogilvy PR’ team that is just for them. We also have a Media Training and Story Telling team, an Issues and Crisis Unit, a Content Studio and a Strategic Planning team who support the needs of all our clients teams.

You can see some of our best work across disciplines here

Specialist support practices

Media and Message Training

Ogilvy PR’s media and message development coaching courses cover the full spectrum of stakeholder engagement that a company and its executives can expect to face.  This includes meetings with shareholders, employees, industry peers, media (broadcast, print and digital) as well as senate inquiries. You’ll learn how to tell your story in the most compelling manner possible.

Ogilvy PR’s coaching courses are led by Media Director Anne Fulwood, former national television news anchor for both the Ten and Seven Networks. Anne brings more than 20 years experience across fields of media and management. She provides strategic consulting, senior counsel to clients on media engagement, crisis and issues management, and works closely with the digital content team.

Her trusted reputation gives access to all levels of business and government, and she mixes very easily across her wide network of connections.

Get in touch to talk about the training that is right for you:

Anne Fulwood, Director Media Training
0419 208 324

Ogilvy Issues and Crisis Unit (ICU)

Threats to your reputation can take a while to emerge, or strike quickly and without warning. Either way, when the tough stuff hits, you’ll want the best in the business by your side.

Ogilvy ICU team members are seasoned former political staffers, business advocates, journalists, trainers, social media specialists and corporate reputation specialists.  Our experience delivers an integrated approach that tackles your challenges on all fronts and that’s what makes us different.  We’re known for our straight talking, practical approach and for the results we achieve.

Ogilvy ICU are expert in handling the most complex of challenges – political, regulatory, legal, industrial, structural, physical, environmental and social. 

We work with you to identify and mitigate reputational risks, help plan and train for crises, work with you to manage them, and support you when you’re in recovery mode.

You can contact us 24hrs a day on: 0427 894 817

Strategic Planning

Persuasive storytelling is at the heart of what we offer clients. Our strategic planning tools enable us to intelligently understand the context of each brief; create brave content and creative that will engage; and spark meaningful conversations that change perceptions and behaviour.

What makes us different is that we have a team of Planning Specialists who deeply understand audience segments – from public affairs to consumers, businesses and employees. This means that the communication programs we create take a 360 view, not just a snapshot view.

For you it means our campaigns are founded on real insight – focused on audiences first and are creatively activated in ways that will get measurable results.

Our dedicated planning team has access to over 20 research resources and databases to ensure we have the very latest trends and data at our fingertips – which we turn into actionable insight.  

Through our planning team we offer a range of services from fully integrated brand communications planning, to communications strategy, creative planning and optimised channel planning.

Kaz Scott, Chief Influence Officer 
02 8281 3867

Content Studio

The Content Team is Ogilvy PR’s in-house design and production team. Comprised of a team of design and production specialists, our team is capable of creating, capturing and editing a range of content for social, digital and PR campaign support. We can build and create video and animations, infographics, social content, illustrations and photography, digital design and even printed material such as brochures. With in-house talent and a panel of regularly used freelance specialists and supporting agencies, our Content Team continues to develop and expand.

Kevin Bolleteau. Head of Design