Social@Ogilvy Key Digital Trend Predictions for 2016

Social@Ogilvy Key Digital Trend Predictions for 2016
December 21, 2015 Mia Bowyer

In what is becoming an annual tradition for the Social@Ogilvy network, two of our global team, Marshall Manson and James Whatley, have put together their predictions for what key trends will define the world of Social Media in 2016.

After last year, successfully predicting the plateau of Twitter growth and their introduction of non-chronological, algorithmic content serving, the growing focus on native video publishing and lack of copyright infringement control or revenue sharing mechanisms on Facebook, and the continued rise and rise of Snapchat, we were all keen to see what they came up with for next year.

There’s a link to the slideshare with all the details and backup at the bottom, but for those of you in a hurry to wrap/unwrap some presents, here’s a summary of the 3 main predictions…

  1. Micro-targeting: The Ad Blocker End Game

Ad blocker usage has been exploding throughout the year (up 44% globally year on year) lead by younger people (implying that it’s only a matter of time until the more mature catch up) and with Apple now building ad blocking tech directly into iOS, and mobile networks exploring the possibility of ad-blocking at the network level, advertisers are going to need to genuinely add value to be permitted into their audiences’ feeds.

The predicted effect is that brands will turn more and more to micro-targeted content, where advertisers will need to drive ultra-relevance against smaller and smaller audiences by tailoring specifically to their needs in order to earn the right to pay for their attention.

  1. Innovation in Video

2015 saw the launch of native 360 video support on both Facebook and YouTube, and full-screen portrait viewing of video seems to be coming back thanks partly to the growth of Snapchat. The prediction for 2016 is that this greater pace of innovation in video will continue to accelerate, and that advertisers will be well advised to take advantage of the disproportionate cut-through of being first to market with content that makes use of these new formats.

  1. Gen Z finally breaking out from under the ‘Millennial’ banner

For those of you who like letter-naming generations of people, the ‘Millennials’ group (often defined as people who came of age since the turn of the millennium – i.e. anyone aged 35 or under) is getting too large and diverse to be a useful reference point. So, the prediction is that 2016 is finally the year that a new definition takes hold; specifically, that of Gen Z – people born since 1995. This group is critically different to the classic Millennial definition in several key ways, and will be critical to understand to cut through with them as they become a more dominant market force.

So that’s Marshall and James’ prophecy, what do you think will be the key trends of 2016?

For more details around these predictions, as well as some other bonus noodles, check out their slideshare here: