Smarter than ever

Smarter than ever
May 12, 2016 Katrina Waldron

Do you ever feel that celebrity-endorsed content isn’t quite doing the job these days? Amanda Shannahan Moore gives her insights on today’s audience being “smarter than ever”… “They understand when a paid exchange has occurred, and once that first sense of scepticism creeps in, you lose the audience.”

It is true that flashy celebrities reading off a script becomes less and less engaging as the media landscape changes. Brands are moving toward a more authentic storytelling with “real moments, and emotions”. Amanda takes the breathtaking example of choosing real people over celebrities with the Brazilian soccer club campaign “Security Moms”. It all came about after the insight that Brazilian men did not like fighting in front of their mothers. The club then trained an army of mother’s to replace security at the games. Violence dropped significantly and the campaign connected people on a far deeper level than any celebrity could manage.

Amanda tells us that the demise of the celebrity ambassador all came about through good old digital communications. Digital is our world now, it connects everyone and everything and gives the world “a new sense of commonality and emotion.”

If you want to be noticed head for a celebrity, but if you want to be connected it’s time to engage your consumers by making the consumer your very own celebrity.

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