Never waste a crisis!

Never waste a crisis!
May 11, 2016 Arli Miller

“Someone once said you must never waste a crisis”; Arli Miller the director of Parker & Partner states in her most recent article for Mumbrella. Arli is no stranger to the ins and outs of crisis communication and never strays away from tackling the issue head on.

“There’s always something we can learn, and companies that aren’t critically examining other organisations are doing themselves a disservice”

Arli understands that whether you are prepared or not, crisis will unfold rapidly and without warning. Dealing with crisis in a highly skilled and professional manner is of utmost importance. Arli tells in her article to Mumbrella, that it all begins with the right spokesperson. Take cardinal Pell, who lacked the compassion and remorsefulness needed to fully combat the public disapproval of the sex abuse within the Catholic Church.  The Church’s reputation was severely and permanently damaged due to the poor handling and lack of providing further spokespeople to discuss publically on the matter.

Arli also uses the stand out example of the Victorian Taxi Association thinking it was a wise choice to call upon taxi users experience using their service and share their highlights on Twitter. Of course this resulted in a widespread negative backlash to the service, with trending posts detailing the dirty taxis, bad experiences and rude drivers.

As the director of Parker & Partners, Arli knows too well the major points to address when dealing with a crisis. Firstly, to identify “any ticking time bombs” by calling a meeting of the heads of each team and not shying away from those “too hard” or “too expensive” issues. Then to examine and follow the procedures in place, don’t let people stray from the policies. Arli believes it is also important to make an unbiased assessment of your company, what does the public really think? And how can you possibly make changes to any negative perceptions? Then of course, assess potential spokespeople and examine their abilities. Finally to “get expert help” and always be prepared for what is to come.

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