Michael Hartmann Award for Bravery goes to…

Michael Hartmann Award for Bravery goes to…
March 15, 2017 OPR

Ogilvy PR Australia has announced that the inaugural Michael Hartmann Award for Bravery has gone to Rebecca Brownhill, Associate Director at Pulse Communications.  The Award was presented by Jacqui, Angus and Max Hartmann at a special meeting at Ogilvy PR’s head office in Sydney.

The Michael Hartmann Award is a major prize and part of the Trumpets, Ogilvy PR Australia’s formal employee recognition program. It was created to recognise and reward behaviours across the business that are aligned to the Company’s four values – Partnership, Curiousity, Invention and Bravery.

According to Kieran Moore, CEO, Ogilvy PR Australia: “Rebecca consistently demonstrates her commitment to managing her teams and her work in the face of adversity.   She finds solutions to complex market and client challenges, never hides from hard work nor does she give up when times get tough. Rebecca supports her teams and clients with unrelenting understanding, patience and kindness. She is fearless in her pursuit of excellence,” said Kieran.

The Award was created to remember Michael Hartmann a former Ogilvy PR employee who sadly lost his battle with brain cancer last year.

“The award is for bravery and Michael was one of the bravest.  He was an amazing man on a number of fronts. He was always pushing himself and those around him to follow their dreams, to constantly learn and to push the boundaries.  We are very pleased that we can recognise him with this award, “ she said.