Ogilvy Writes New Chapter in Global Climate Change Project

Ogilvy Writes New Chapter in Global Climate Change Project
November 18, 2015 Kieran Moore

On the eve of the Paris Climate Change Talks, Simon Webb from Ogilvy PR in China has contributed to a book, Visions 2100 – a global project focused on changing the way climate change is communicated.

According to the Visions 2100 Project Director, John O’Brien: “With this project, we aim to redefine how to engage communities on important but slow moving issues such as climate change and poverty eradication. It has been launched because the vast majority of environmental communication to date has failed to engage the wider community, something that is critical to achieve to reduce the worst impacts of climate change.”

“The standard operating procedure for environmental communications is to tell people that unless they change their ways bad stuff will happen. When the ‘bad stuff’ has immediate impacts such as water or air pollution, this tactic works. When the consequences are not immediate and the threat is not imminent, then this completely fails to have meaning for most people,” he said.

Telling visions of a better world is one way to change the story. It engages a very different part of the mind, attracts people towards something better – to a paradigm that better fits the way the world works.

The VISIONS 2100 Project has assembled eighty visions of a better world in by the year 2100 from some of the world’s leading environmental thinkers and influencers. It includes those leading the process of making global agreements on climate change and those working on leading technology solutions. These are the people who are shaping your future world. Their visions tell of the future they are passionate to achieve.

Contributors include Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and now a UN Climate Ambassador, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC and Bill McKibben, activist and founder of 350.org. There are also numerous contributions from Australia including Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty and explorer and founder of www.25zero.com, Tim Jarvis and our very own Simon Webb, who has worked in our Sydney office for Ogilvy and has been working in China for the last four years.

According to Simon Webb: “The complex issue of climate change is one that the world is struggling to address. The solutions are not beyond us in any way. Technological solutions exist, scientific knowledge is plentiful, the world can afford the transition but still significant action eludes us. There are many rational arguments for clear paths forward: we do not need any more of those. The complexity of climate change is now in the psychology of change and communication” he said,

The VISIONS 2100 Project provides a portal for everyone to submit and share their visions with the world. But don’t just do it there – tell people over coffee or a beer, tweet it, share it with your Facebook friends.