Ogilvy PR Australia Appoints Head of Digital

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Craig Page squareSydney, April 8, 2015: Ogilvy PR Australia, Australia’s largest public relations and public affairs consultancy, has appointed Craig Page to the newly created position of Head of Digital. He joins from Havas Worldwide, Sydney, where he was Digital Strategy Director.

Bringing traditional, creative, digital and social experience to the new role, Page has an enviable track record integrating social, digital and technology to form the heart of communication campaigns.

He has worked for world-class creative agencies both in Australia and overseas including M&C Saatchi (Sydney and London) supporting brands including Optus, SONY, EBay and Virgin Mobile, and as in-house leading Digital Strategy with Foxtel.

Ogilvy PR’s Chief Executive Officer, Kieran Moore said the appointment of a Head of Digital reflected the investment the agency is making to digital, social and content.

“We’re thrilled to have someone of Craig’s calibre spearhead our established team of digital experts,” she said.  “We are responding to briefs that require fully-integrated, digital business thinking; Craig is central to our strategy to deliver this.

“Craig has top notch skills in creative, strategy and execution which we know will immediately add value to our business, and his broad category experience is a fantastic fit with our existing client partnerships. His progressive approach to innovation aligns perfectly with our future business plans.”

Page said the decision to take his diverse skills to Ogilvy PR was made after seeing the integrated work the agency has been producing.

“Ogilvy PR is an outstanding agency with highly talented digital experts, producing brilliant, integrated campaigns. The chance to join this team and help develop increasingly powerful, next-level work was a prospect I couldn’t refuse,” he said.

Moore continued: “With almost 20 people now dedicated to social, and a dedicated content team, the creation of this new role means that the agency will be able to offer more integrated digital, social and content response to briefs.”

Ogilvy PR Australia is a joint venture between WPP and STW Group, Australia’s leading marketing content and communications group.



Ogilvy PR Australia is the country’s largest PR and public affairs agency with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. It is 51% owned by WPP and 49% owned by STW. For more information, visit our website at http://www.ogilvypr.com.au or follow us on Twitter at @ogilvypraus.

For more information contact: Rebecca Tilly, STW PR, Ph: +61 410 501 043

Ogilvy PR Australia collects more metal

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As the countdown begins to the highly anticipated SABRE Awards ceremony on September 18, Ogilvy PR Australia is excited to announce Howorth and social@Ogilvy were outright winners at the In2 SABREs which were announced earlier this week.  The In2SABREs – formally the silver SABREs – recognise a wide range of content, from experiential to digital, across multiple channels including  paid, earned, owned and shared.  Howorth won the broadcast media category for its client ancestry.com.au and social@Ogilvy collected metal and won the coveted podcast/weekly webinar category.

Howorth and social@Ogilvy also collected four Certificates of Excellence across varying categories.

Across the region Ogilvy PR was awarded three wins and 12 Certificates of Excellence overall.

Read the full list of winners here.


Microsoft Australia appoints Ogilvy Public Relations as consumer agency of record

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Sydney, July 3, 2014: Microsoft Australia has selected Ogilvy Public Relations as its consumer agency of record following a recent review process.

The appointment sees Ogilvy Public Relations Australia become Microsoft’s communications agency partner for consumer, commercial, social and content programs.  Fuel Communications will continue to represent Microsoft Devices (formerly Nokia).

Microsoft’s Head of Corporate Communications, Pip Arthur said: “Our aspiration going into this process was to find the best consumer PR agency partner to support some of our most loved consumer devices and services.

“The Ogilvy PR team displayed an unparalleled understanding of our business, and presented a highly creative program that we believe will strike a chord with consumers.  We are looking forward to kicking this off immediately,” she said.

Ogilvy PR’s Group Managing Director, Consumer, Richard Brett said: “The Ogilvy consumer team delivers a combination of brand understanding, consumer technology expertise and innovative digital creative capability with a passion to deliver to our diverse consumer audiences.

“We created a specialist team comprising members from Ogilvy’s consumer and brand team with our skilled social and content team from Social@Ogilvy, and senior counsel from the greater Ogilvy PR Group to deliver creative campaigns,” he explained.

As a result of the move to have all of the Microsoft communications business under one Ogilvy PR umbrella, the agency has appointed Skye Lambley (currently Director at Howorth Communications, Ogilvy PR’s technology and business specialist agency) to the newly created Client Director Microsoft role, reporting directly to the CEO, Kieran Moore.  She will be responsible for integrating and aligning the commercial, consumer, corporate, social and content campaigns across Microsoft Australia.

According to Ogilvy PR Australia’s CEO, Kieran Moore: “We’ll be working to ensure we have the best alignment and integration possible given that we are in this unique and enviable position of being the one communications agency for Microsoft Australia.  Microsoft is at a very exciting time in its history, it has a tremendous focus on partnership and we look forward to working together and to delivering outstanding results.”

Work begins on the account immediately.  Ogilvy PR Australia is a joint venture between WPP and STW, Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group.


For more information contact: Rebecca Tilly, STW PR ph: +61 410 501 043

About Ogilvy PR Australia:

Ogilvy PR Australia is the country’s largest PR and public affairs agency with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.  It is 51% owned by WPP and 49% owned by STW.  For more information, visit our Website at www.ogilvypr.com.au or follow us on Twitter at @ogilvypraus.


Ogilvy PR present at the Digital World 2014 conference

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Brian Giesen represented Ogilvy at the Digital World 2014 conference in Bangladesh, one of the largest digital conferences in APAC with more than 300,000 people attending the four-day event.

Brian delivered a keynote presentation titled “7 Insights on Real Time Content Marketing” and participated in a panel discussion on “Marketing Your Services in the New Media.” The speaking opportunity was arranged by Tanveer Ahmed from the Ogilvy Dhaka office as a profile-building opportunity for the Dhaka team.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) division of Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) organized the biggest ICT exposition of the country, “Digital World 2014″. Along with software exposition there would be seminars focusing different area of ICT.  Digital World 2014 paid for all of Brian’s expenses and travel to Bangladesh.


Graffiti Artist Sprays Ogilvy PR

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In the spirit of encouraging the creative talents of the Ogilvy PR team, Bede Gannon, Digital Designer in our team, took on the task “adding colour and movement” to the Sydney the office.

Using his talents with graffiti art, Bede and a mate transformed our kitchen and hangout, transforming a massive white wall from a blank canvas into a work of art.

“Everyone has creativity in them,” said Kieran Moore, CEO Ogilvy PR Australia. “Whether you work in internal comms, government relations, healthcare, B2B, social and content or consumer PR, we are asked by your clients and colleagues to be creative every day.”

Thanks to Bede for brightening up the teams day (every day).


Lynchburg College visit Ogilvy PR Australia

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At Ogilvy Public Relations Australia everything we do is centred around our core values of “One Step Ahead, Learn & Grow and Partnership”.  We are committed to partnering with the community and as part of this commitment our staff regularly speak at universities and colleges within Australia, host students from different institutes quarterly and have one of the best internship programmes in the industry.

On Wednesday 11th June Yianni Konstantopoulos (Group Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy) and Brian Giesen (Director, Social@Ogilvy) presented to students from Lynchburg College, United States. The students traveled to Australia to learn about digital crisis and content strategy. The Social@Ogilvy team were dedicated to coaching and mentoring the students, with both leaders having a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for developing young minds.

The presentation focused on one of the key ingredients to successful marcomms programs and also the industry hype of the moment, real time content. The presentation ran the students through why content matters, Ogilvy PRs unique approach to producing content, that both stands out creatively and is engineered to be sharable, and provided a tour of Ogilvy PRs award winning examples of content produced for Australia’s top brands. In addition the students were provided with seven insights around what makes content work in digital today, the skills needed, and the effectiveness of content and social media compared to other forms of marcomms.

For more information on educational partnership or internships please contact intern@ogilvy.com.au

Social Media Matters – Highlights from 2014

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Social Matters rocked Singapore at the end of May boasting 400 delegates, 30 global speakers and nearly 4 million impressions, swiftly making this social media conference trending #1 across Singapore.

Social@Ogilvy sponsors this event each year and I was lucky enough to attend on behalf of the Australian team. Here are a few of the highlights from the three days.

The main theme of the event was “Ideas Shared” and it was backed by a wide ranging selection of speakers. We had screenwriters rubbing shoulders with advertisers, researchers nudging up against analysts and small, exciting start-ups were represented along with big brands.


Content Matters

Content was a hot topic. How do we compel people in this digital world? A number of great speakers shared their ideas and experiences and left the audience inspired.

Doug Scott, Founder and President of OgilvyEntertainment shared his views on Building Story Worlds. Doug showed a mash-up video that his team had created from Kevin Spacey’s famous story-telling speech. It emphasised that, no matter when or what device they use, people want complex, smart stories. At a time where people are under increased pressure to protect their reputations, the hard truth is risk takers will be rewarded. Doug’s presentation reminded us to be a little braver with branded content thinking.

Following this, Emmy award winning screenwriter, Guy Nicolucci presented on “The Big Steal”. As a comedy writer, Guy is a borrower, believing “You never create content you only recreate content”. Guy used the movie industry to explain story telling often follows a template because people like the familiar. Guy’s parting advice was “Find good ideas, steal them and make them better”.


Also at the event was Keith Hernandez from BuzzFeed.  He shared his take on how to create content that people want to share. Keith explained Buzzfeed operates with 150 full time journalist working across the globe.  Each journalist has access to data and insights on their work which means they can determine what content is the most popular. This allows the platform to constantly evolve and optimise so it can deliver the most compelling content for its audience. “You need to be locally relevant, globally consistent,” Hernandez said.


An interesting social channel for the audience at Social Matters was YouTube. In the APAC region, the popularity of YouTube influencers has sky rocketed and Michael Stevens of Vsauce (https://www.youtube.com/user/Vsauce) shared his secrets to keeping his audience entertained. Michael created Vsauce to satisfy his own curiosity and this then drove authentic content based around his own interests. He believes that people are inherently curious and they are thirsty for knowledge.  Curiosity he said is the human need that brands should fulfil in an interesting way with content that informs. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzIvDf5jebA)

This was an inspiring conference that left everyone thinking and many re-considering their approach to content. Top tip takeaways from the industry leaders present were the virtue of storytelling – was, is, and always will be a big pull card – and the durable power of emotive content.

Katy Daniells



The Walkley foundation enhances its social media capabilities via partnership with Ogilvy PR Australia

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Sydney: May 8, 2014 – In a unique collaboration between communicators, The Walkley Foundation for Journalism has partnered with Ogilvy PR Australia to provide the Foundation with the social media skills and capability to better reach a wider, more Internet-savvy audience.

Utilising the agency’s award winning Social@Ogilvy offering to augment its social media communications reach and capabilities, the Walkley Foundation will in turn give Ogilvy PR access to a broad array of educational conferences and events for its 100-plus staff across the nation, Ogilvy PR Australia CEO Kieran Moore said.

Ms. Moore said the partnership recognised Ogilvy’s contribution in supporting The Walkley Foundation to adapt its communications strategies in a rapidly changing media landscape and enable it to continue its outstanding work in furthering excellence in journalism.

“We are very proud to be associated with The Walkley Foundation, an organisation that has become synonymous with the development and promotion of excellence in journalism nationally,” said Ms. Moore.

“Our initial foray will be around the Foundation’s campaign to promote and highlight press freedom and equality locally and globally, as well as campaigns around the advancement of women working in the media.

“Importantly, we feel that by supporting the Foundation in this way we also underscore Ogilvy’s commitment to outstanding reporting, which is in itself is a core element that ensures the continuity of Australia’s strong and vibrant democracy via informed debate and insight.”

The Walkley Foundation director Jacqueline Park said the new partnership presented a valuable ongoing opportunity to inform the broader community about the importance of journalism.

“The Walkley Foundation welcomes Ogilvy’s assistance in helping us to use our best assets to reach and engage a wide audience,” Ms Park said.

“With Ogilvy PR’s excellent skills and industry experience, we are confident of advancing these important campaigns.”


For further information, please contact:
Sandra Renowden, STW PR on 0403 823 218



The Climate Institute

Challenge:  In spite of storied history and impressive track record of delivering independent and scientifically significant reports since 2005, the general public’s attitude of the importance of ‘climate change’ and ‘climate science’ has been on the decline in Australia in recent years.  This, coupled with a rise in the politicisation of the issue during an election year, led to a situation where The Climate Institute was having an increasingly difficult time mobilising stakeholder groups and convincing the general public of the importance of taking small actions to achieve a more sustainable and less-carbon dependent economy.  And because the organisation is so focused on producing world-class scientific research, they weren’t in a position to be able to allocate resources to ensure their communications efforts were adapting to an ever-increasing social and digital communications model.

Strategy:   Ogilvy Public Relations has supported The Climate Institute through a strategic communications partnership for the past several years, offering the Institute an integrated team that spans their media, policy, communications, and events activities.  In 2013, Ogilvy recognised that one of the critical areas where The Climate Institute was most vulnerable was across its digital and social media efforts.  To ensure that a series of upcoming Institute report releases and high-profile events were strongly attended, by both the general public as well as relevant climate stakeholders across government and industry, the Social@Ogilvy team embarked on a two-pronged strategy to better understand the social listening related to climate change in Australia (and how to best position The Climate Institute to participate in those conversations) and to develop a targeted influencer strategy that could greatly amplify the Institute’s thought leadership and positioning.

Results:  Across a four month period (between mid-August 2013 and mid-January 2014), the Social@Ogilvy team worked closely with The Climate Institute to develop and execute two separate live events, that were also amplified in real-time via social media.   The first event, dubbed “Climate of the Nation”, served as a mini-debate to take advantage of the impeding election and featured renown climatologist Dr. Graeme Pearman and researcher John Scales on 29th of August.  The event was moderated by The Climate Institute CEO John Connor.  In addition to the max capacity 85 attendees that joined in person (media, bloggers, government policy makers), the event was live-broadcast on twitter where questions were sourced from the platform and photos were shared in real-time.  The #ClimateNation hashtag was used approximately 360 times during the 60-minute event and reached approximately 415,203 Australian twitter users (approximately 20% of the entire Australian twitter community at the time).  The event’s social footprint was so successful that morning that the hastag was trending across Sydney for the majority of the morning.  In addition to the Climate of the Nation Event, social@ogilvy also partnered with the Institute to run another event focusing on sustainable investment in the Australian Superannuation sector.  During that 60 minute session, the Institute reached over 312,000 twitter users through 182 mentions of the #ClimateSmartSuper hashtag.  Overall, twitter has proved to be an effective channel for The Climate Institute in reaching and engaging new audiences.  On top of simple growth of the account, there has been a positive shift in sentiment and engagement as well.  During the four month period, the twitter channel grew approximately 19.5% from 6775 ‘followers’ in August to 8093 in February.

The death of the middleman – why social is changing the media rules

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In high school, I had a Latin teacher who constantly reminded his pupils: “repetition is the mother of learning”. Even though I recognised that his thinking was antiquated I didn’t challenge his perspective and continued to translate passages from the ancient language to the present.

The truth in his logic lies only in the fact that the texts we were translating didn’t ever change. (In Virgil’s Aeneid, ‘audentis fortuna iuvat’ translates to ‘fortune favours the bold’ yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always.)

Business isn’t nearly as static as ancient texts, and a far more useful lesson – both to the Romans and to modern brands – is that survival requires innovation.

For the longest time, the marketing and media universe was comprised of two unchallenged beasts – the creative agency that inspired meaningful campaigns and powerful notions to align a brand with a potential customer, and the media agency that understood how best to place those ideas in front of customers at the most appropriate times.

For years these two beasts worked side by side as their symbiotic relationship allowed them to grow larger, stronger and more powerful in shaping how we absorbed and consumed nearly all advertising material.

But along the way something very interesting happened. What happened fundamentally changed this dynamic and introduced a whole new level of competition, creativity, and ‘connection’ in how we interact and engage with media and marketing material. The democratisation of information, fuelled by the explosive adoption of the internet and its many different applications, has unlocked our innate ability to be expressive through creative and social channels. Our biology dictates that we’re social creates by nature – the internet has simply allowed us to rapidly catalyse our creativity and take our social nature to a much higher level. This shift has altered the relationship between the creative and advertising agency and completely disrupted how brands engage with their customers.

This change is powered by the same technological advancements that expanded the channels through which we communicate, pushing us from print to radio; from film to television; from static pages on the internet to dynamic email, and now, to SoLoMo (that perfect nexus of social, local and mobile which represents the marketer’s Holy Grail of being able to use real-time data to convert a potential customer into a real one at any given moment along their unique customer journey). This change is driven by our ability to reinvent better and faster ways of doing nearly anything.

I find two things about this evolution absolutely fascinating. First, just a decade ago most brands, businesses and governments didn’t even have a social media presence. Facebook wasn’t around and I’m sure many of today’s most popular social platforms – Skype, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Vine, Line, Jelly – weren’t even technologically feasible.

Now, according to research giant Forrester, many consumers don’t trust a brand that doesn’t participate actively on social channels.

Second, in a very short time we have seen a huge shift in actual consumer behaviour in how we interact with brands and their media and marketing messaging. Marketers have shifted their time, effort and resources from outputs (circulation, reach, opportunity-to-see, cost-per-thousand etc.) and outcomes (changes in awareness, perception, action, etc.) to actually working to influence engagement and drive behaviour (traffic, purchase, advocacy and loyalty).

This shift has been rapidly facilitated by specialist digital and social media agencies that are able to provide brands with the best of both worlds. On one hand, we’re able to leverage the latest technologies to better aggregate data (thereby ensuring that creative is supported by the latest real-time beliefs of actual end-user customers), and on the other, execute far more targeted and precise advertising (faster, cheaper, and more rigorously than traditional advertising firms).

Of all the campaigns I’ve monitored across the past several months, there are two that brilliantly demonstrate the power of this model. The first is the Grand Prix Award winning campaign launched by Oreo last year, which captures what is a growing movement across marketing and communications divisions to a real-time-performance-based publishing model, where all branded content, across channels, is topically related to what is most important to your audience. (You can find a synopsis of that campaign here.) While that is a model requiring significant coordination and commitment between the agencies and the brand, it is something we are certain to see more of across 2014.

The second is a current campaign being run by chip-brand Doritos. In what is a first for the brand – and very clearly epitomises how social media is front and centre in a changing media landscape – Doritos is actually crowdsourcing the advertisement it intends to air during the mother of all professional sporting events, the SuperBowl.

It has managed to completely crowdsource the entire campaign, across several social platforms, by incentivising fans to create branded content with a chance at winning $1m (a lot less than they would have paid its creative agency). At the time of writing, an Aussie ad is leading the way with over 2.3 million views online. You can take a peek at the “Finger Cleaner” ad here.

I’m looking forward to seeing which ad wins, and to watching it air during the SuperBowl knowing that most of the marketing people watching along will be thinking to themselves ‘why couldn’t we have thought of that first?’.

So, while fortune truly follows the bold, in today’s world, innovation is the mother of learning.

Yianni Konstantopoulos is the group managing director of Social@Ogilvy.


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