Ogilvy Illumination

Ogilvy_Illum_LogoExplore, Understand, Act
Ogilvy Illumination is a leader in strategic communications research working for some of Australia’s largest and most important organisations.

We bring a unique combination of expertise to research through the intersection of our three specialisations:

  • Communicators: we are internationally awarded communicators drawing on a network of specialist communications agencies;
  • Subject matter experts: we draw on deep sectoral knowledge across a wide range of areas;
  • Researchers: we are researchers with a long track-record of success in communications, business and public opinion projects;

A sound evidence-base is vital for communications strategy development.  We work on projects where educated guesses and gut reactions just aren’t good enough.

In an environment when budgets are under pressure, investing in research pays for itself – scarce campaign resources can be better directed and messages better tailored to audiences.

We provide more than numbers: targeted insights and actionable recommendations.