Media & Messenger Training

MediaTrainingLogoCMYK Ogilvy PR’s media and message development coaching courses cover the full spectrum of stakeholder engagement a company and its executives can expect to face.  This includes meetings with shareholders, employees, industry peers, media (broadcast, print and digital) as well as senate inquiries. You’ll learn how to tell your story in the most compelling manner possible.

Ogilvy PR’s coaching courses are led by Media Director Sam North, former Managing Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald.  Sam brings more than 30 years of experience across the fields of media and management.  He provides senior counsel on media engagement, crisis and issues management, and media coaching.



Courses available include:

1. How the media works

For anyone who engages with the media, or has the potential to, there are essential elements necessary for ensuring a positive result for you and the media. This course helps you to understand the psychology of the media, how they identify and piece a story together, what they are looking for, what makes the news, who’s who in the newsroom and how the newsroom works.

Duration: 2 hours (up to 4-5 people)

2. Driving the best possible media interview outcomes

How do I take control of the media? How do I ensure I get my story across? We’ll put you in the media hot seat, grill you with the tough questions and teach you the practical techniques and tools to drive the best possible media outcome.

Duration: 3 hours (one senior executive)

3. Sharpening your media skills

How do you maximise your opportunity to tell your story in a compelling manner? This one-on-one, intensive course is designed to sharpen the interview skills of those who have some media experience. This session covers all media scenarios from broadcast to social media.

Duration: 3 hours (one senior executive)

4. Communicating financial results in tough economic times

This session is for CEOs and senior executives of public companies. It focuses on identifying your financial story, especially in the context of industry and/or domestic and international economic conditions. We help you tell your financial story with financial analysts, media and shareholders.

Duration: 2-3 hours (up to two senior executives)

5. Two minutes to air

Just like game day, warming up can help you achieve better results. This hour-long coaching session is a refresher on the day of, or a day or two before your interview.  It is focused on the publication/program that will interview you and enables you to brush up on your messages and possible questions you may receive from the journalist.  This can be done face-to-face or telephonically.

Duration: 1 hour (one senior executive)

6. Story telling

Everyone has a story to tell but are you making the most of the opportunity to deliver your story in a compelling, transparent manner to your various stakeholders?  This workshop focuses on eliciting your key messages, honing them and delivering them in a captivating way. It begins with identifying the essence of your story, developing supporting messages and then focuses on polishing your delivery.

Duration: Half day (up to 4-5 people)

7. It’s a different story every time

Every campaign or announcement is different and carries with it new proactive messages or issues to be managed. These can range from a new product launch, announcing staffing restructuring, a product recall, company financial results or a research breakthrough. Message training is tightly focused on delivering the campaign or announcement-specific messages, both proactively and reactively and can be conducted by telephone or on camera. It is used as a refresher training course for those experienced in dealing with stakeholder audiences.

Duration: 2-3 hours

8. Brand Shield®

Before an issue breaks, are you prepared? Once an issue breaks do you have all the necessary communication protocols in place? Are you crisis or issues fit?

Our Brand Shield® workshops are intensive sessions involving risk analysis where we systematically identify potential and real risks, develop scenario-specific responses and company-wide response protocols.

Duration: Half day or Full day

(The next step is drafting an issues or crisis communications protocol for your company. We can assist with this. It would be quoted and charged separately)

9. Red Alert

Your crisis management strategy is in place but has it been tested?  We bring in a team to test, in a life-like simulated crisis scenario, just how water tight your crisis management plan is.  We identify weaknesses and make recommendations on how to improve your crisis readiness.

Duration: Full day

(This does not include redrafting the company’s issues and crisis communication protocols. If this was required it would be quoted and charged separately.)

10. Question time

Are you or could you be called to testify at an inquiry or hearing? It could be a parliamentary, regulatory or legal inquiry. These can be gruelling, day-long sessions with multiple people firing questions at you.  We role play real-life scenarios tailored to the type of inquiry you will face.

Duration: full day