A New Marketing & Communication Discipline

Our Social@Ogilvy team is a global, word-of-mouth marketing discipline that uses new technologies and social media methods to create communications strategies and programs. We have a methodology for identifying and engaging influencers  – important bloggers, online community members, traditional influencers and a new breed of influencer that looks like you and me. We also activate networks of people – social networks, groups, communities and affinity groups online –  to participate, share and recommend products, services and issues. By creating engaging experiences and inviting influencers and networks to participate in a way they find valuable, we can amplify the most trusted form of communication today – word of mouth.

We create a comprehensive digital strategy for clients who want to engage customers or constituents in direct conversation. While our programs are custom planned for each client there are four fundamental parts to every Digital Influence Strategy: Listening, Planning, Engagement and Measurement.

We listen to what people are saying about a brand, an issue or a set of brand-related topics in blogs, message boards, social networks and review sites online. We develop engagement plans which focus on providing value to users and inviting them in to participate with a brand or organization. We engage with people, holding a conversation with them, inviting them to participate with a brand or issue and motivating them to co-create a product, service or experience. It’s what sparks sustained word of mouth. Finally, we measure what counts – the results.