STW Group

STW_logo_cmykSTW Group is Australasia’s largest marketing communications group, comprising over 70 specialist companies, each outstanding in its own right. Our Group covers the breadth and depth of every communication discipline possible. This includes advertising, digital communication, production, branded content, retail and promotional marketing, sports sponsorship and management, brand and corporate design, business strategy, market research and insight, public relations, corporate communication, employee communication, multicultural communication, training and facilitation!

We work with Australasia’s biggest brands and some of the world’s biggest companies. The products and services our clients work for are also the country’s biggest household brand-names.

We love what we do.

Which is to make the brands we work for, the best loved and most purchased brands in the country.

We’re not the story. Our clients are.

So we take particular delight in finding original and authentic  ways to reach our clients’ customers and give them exactly what they are looking for. Fresh thinking. Unexpected solutions. Charming communication with Australian consumers that results in them buying products and services from our clients.

With this ambition in mind our internal compass is squarely focused on four words:

What’s Now. What’s Next.

A great mind keeps one eye on its clients’ business today and one eye on the future.

The two must work hand in hand in order to deliver today’s results whilst developing an educated view on what’s around the corner. Our clients look to us to deliver the immediate results they demand whilst preparing them for the future they will face. 

Our people

In an industry where the biggest asset is people, we are dedicated to attracting and keeping the best talent from Australia, New Zealand and the world.

We are always seeking the best and the brightest. Up and coming talent, future stars, inspired leaders, great innovators, team motivators, highly disciplined producers and multi-skilled project managers.

We place a premium on diversity.
We seek out original thinkers.
We reward innovation.
We recognise potential.
We value a commitment to excellence, no matter how challenging the brief.