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Parker & Partners has earned its place as Australia’s foremost and longest serving non-partisan public affairs company helping organisations to work effectively with government.

The art of good public affairs is centered in establishing credibility with stakeholders and using that earned position to influence public policy. Every business and organisation is impacted by government decisions yet most don’t have the specific skills, or the resources, to manage this critical relationship or influence critical policy outcomes – Parker & Partners do.

Our team includes former political advisers, journalists, bureaucrats and professional public affairs consultants specialising in government engagement, regulatory affairs, policy development, stakeholder mapping and engagement, issues and crisis management, media liaison, corporate and social responsibility and executive training.

Parker & Partners offers a unique understanding of, and access to, networks including ministerial offices, parliamentarians, advisers, bureaucracy, press galleries, and related media, industry and community groups.

Director, Government Relations, Michael Hartmann +61 2 6215 4205

Director, Arli Miller +61 2 8281 3274

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