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Ogilvy Impact

Move thinking – change behaviour – inspire advocacy – achieve results

Ogilvy Impact is a global employee engagement, change and communication consultancy. Driving positive change in organisations, building productive and engaged teams and fostering great leadership is what we do.

Ogilvy Impact repeatedly drives business results by galvanising people power. It’s simple and proven; communicating and engaging effectively with employees, members, franchisees and sales channels has a positive effect on business results.

We work with business leaders to tap into the potential of their teams, inspire their people, bring their brand to life and deliver business strategy.

We understand the role of people in building and protecting brands and what influences behaviour. And this is what underpins our success when managing organisational change. We match the desired business result with the behavioural change required, identify the impacts and develop solutions that get your employees quickly on board.

Our team includes a mix of communication, digital and social, marketing, HR and change management consulting backgrounds who all thrive on working closely with our clients to make their businesses hum.

Brand is in our blood. It’s what makes us different. But we also understand the reality of what really goes on operationally in a business. Our mantra – making cultures work.

Group Managing Director, Corporate Susan Redden Makatoa
Susan.ReddenMakatoa@ogilvy.com.au or 02 8281 3222

Learn more at: www.ogilvyimpact.com.au