Ogilvy Impact

“Effective employee communication is a leading indicator of financial performance”
Source: Towers Watson Communication ROI study 2009/2010”

It’s simple and proven; communicating and engaging effectively with employees, members, franchisees and sales channels has a positive effect on business results.

At Ogilvy Impact, we understand the powerful role people play in building and protecting brands and what influences behaviour (and it’s so much more than a branded mousemat or a mug… ring any bells?  Some of you will know what we mean). Our combination of strategic thinkers, playful creatives, compelling storytellers and fearless doers collaborate to create engagement programs which really drive business results.

Our team comprises passionate people with a mix of marketing, HR, communication and management consulting backgrounds which allows us to bridge the gap between marketing and HR. Brand is in our blood. It’s what makes us different. But we also understand the reality of what really goes on operationally in a business. Our mantra – creative engagement grounded in reality.

Group Managing Director, Corporate Susan Redden Makatoa Susan.ReddenMakatoa@ogilvy.com.au or 02 8281 3222