Welcome to the world of Ogilvy PR’s 360° Brand Stewardship®. Ogilvy PR developed 360° Brand Stewardship® to identify all the potential brand influencers and create a process for communicating to each of them, not just through advertising but by the most powerful channel available depending on the characteristics of the specific target. The premise of the Ogilvy PR process is that the brand must actually surround the target audience through every channel and influencer appropriate whether that includes advertising, direct mail, the Internet, public relations, community relations, events and promotions, word of mouth or product placement.

Ogilvy Public Relations is the leading specialist public relations and public affairs communication firm in Australia.

Our specialist public relations firm comprises client-driven and entrepreneurial companies, headed by the leading experts, in key practice areas.

The depth of specialist capabilities within our firm is unmatched in the Australian public relations industry. Each firm is narrow in its focus and deep in its specialisation.

This unique structure ensures clients have access to true specialist knowledge and proven capabilities in the areas of PR most relevant to their priorities and business needs.

Each specialist capability in our firm can be engaged individually, or in combinations, depending on a client’s specific needs.

Where a mix of capabilities are required, clients often ask one specialist to take the lead role and co-ordinate the input of others.