Kronos “Hidden Workforce” Campaign

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Challenge:  Drive business conversations and prospect leads for Kronos in priority sectors such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and tourism.

Improve upon the previous year’s hugely successful thought leadership campaign, by sustaining the campaign & coverage over a longer period, instead of creating one large surge of activity.



  • Create a voice for Kronos on a national workforce issue to drive broad awareness in general business, consumer, HR and technology media
  • Develop research-based content including visual content (infographics) and thoughtful whitepaper commentary with corporate positioning and customer testimonial
  • Premeditate a three-stage launch with multiple storylines to create sustained coverage
  • Engage with third party industry bodies to encourage them to join the public discourse and lend credence to the debate

Campaign Concept:  Howorth proposed a narrative about a missed opportunity in Australia to tap its “Hidden Workforce”. The story would highlight the failure of employers to cater for specialist groups’ need to work in a more flexible way and how a focus on a certain profile of worker worked to the expense of parents and older people.

The campaign was staged to be released in three parts, so we could target specific headlines aligned with the messaging. The whitepaper was finally released with the last phase and made available to all interested parties.

Alongside the positioning whitepaper, individual infographics were prepared to accompany each release, to provide sharp context for the issues raised and give media content to use in their stories.









Results:  The communications-led thought leadership platform formed an integrated marketing strategy, informing everything from sales/enquiry-driving eDMs, customer roundtable briefings, email signatures and website content, to social media content and media relations.

Media coverage included:

  • Phase one: 21 pieces of print and online coverage, including general and business titles such as The Sun Herald, Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times, ABC News Online and Business Review Weekly. 22 pieces of broadcast coverage from pre-recorded TV interviews and radio sound grabs aired on the evening and breakfast news slots of 22 stations across the ABC network.
  • Phase two: 2 pieces of broadcast coverage including Sky News and WSFM as well as 4 pieces of launch coverage in major titles including Business Review Weekly, Reuters, Human Capital and Smart Company
  • Phase three: 7 targeted pieces of coverage in IT media, including ComputerWorld, CIO Magazine, Computer Daily News and Technology Spectator
  • Use of the infographic on key news sites such as Business Review Weekly and Human Capital

As well as driving conversations with existing customers and prospects, the media campaign also attracted attention from a number of interested third parties, including government agencies for equality and other working groups and consultancies on diversity. Enquiries and active media commentary (in response to the Kronos news) was seen from:

  • The Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Nareen Young, chief executive of the Diversity Council of Australia
  • Elizabeth Broderick, Human Rights Commission
  • Helen Conway, director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Joshua Price, GM of Symmetra, a Diversity Consulting company
  • Pollyanna Lenkic, founder of Perspectives Coaching
  • Infoxchange – a NFP community that delivers “technology for social justice”


Kronos Healthcare Study

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Challenge: Kronos is a global company specialising in workforce management. As part of the ongoing public relationship campaign, Howorth was engaged by Kronos to identify a newsworthy issue outside their typical scope on which Kronos could offer a fresh perspective, which would in turn generate positive media coverage and support the overall sales drive.

Strategy: Howorth recently worked with Kronos on a case study with the Macquarie University Hospital. The study generated much media interest and as such, signalled a definite area of opportunity for the team to further explore.

Focusing on the Healthcare sector, Howorth set about creating a research campaign that would help to support future conversations for Kronos with media as well as potential customers. Supported by good customer examples, this would present a very compelling reason for media and influencers alike to listen to what Kronos had to say.

Howorth’s initial research revealed that despite healthcare being a vital part of the economy -and important to every Australian, there were significant pain points regarding the welfare of nurses and the fact that the industry had not benefited from the technology revolution that is fundamentally changing whole industries.

Howorth engaged and interviewed over 200 healthcare professionals from across the country as part of the “Nursing Pulse Check” survey regarding their concerns and pain-points about the industry. The survey examined the working conditions of Australian nurses, the attitudes they have toward their jobs, as well as opinions on technology and the future of the industry.

The research revealed that half of Australian nurses planned to leave the profession within next ten years.  With work-related stress being such a large factor, as well as nurses indicating that they extend themselves to their limits to manage their workloads, the results strongly indicated the need for healthcare management and employees to collaboratively review current workforce management methods.

Results:  As a part of the media strategy to support the launch of the survey, Howorth proactively pitched to over 50 media targets across both print and broadcast publications by drawing upon three main angles:

  • General news angle: critical shortage of nurses in the Australian healthcare industry;
  • Technology angle: the ability of the healthcare industry to adopt technology such as the roll out of the recent e-health initiative;
  • Health angle: dissatisfaction of nurses suffering from stress and burn-out.

Howorth secured and facilitated eight media pre-briefings, as well as six on-the-day radio interviews for Peter Harte, VP APAC for Kronos.. These briefings resulted in a total of 119 pieces of coverage. This includes ninety-five pieces of coverage across broad spectrum of news, health and technology publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Canberra Times, The Age, and Courier Mail. A further twenty two pieces of broadcast coverage were secured in the form of live radio Q&A, news grabs and pre-recordings. In addition, the survey findings featured on two top tier free-to-air and pay television news broadcasts.