The New South Wales Food Authority called on Ogilvy Public Relations to support the launch of its innovative consumer education campaign to support new kilojoule food labelling legislation applicable to fast food and snack food chain outlets across the State.

Fast and snack food has an increasing presence in Australian diets with consumption of ready-to-go foods doubling in the last 10 years and almost two thirds of Australians (61%) purchase ready-to-go food and drinks at least once a week.

Research shows people want to be able to make smart food decisions but they don’t always have the tools to make balanced choices.

Australians are confused and uncertain about what kilojoules are, how they’re calculated and how they impact on their health. On average, Australian adults eat and drink about 8700 kJ per day yet only five per cent know this number.

Armed with this information Ogilvy PR developed the 8700kJ campaign, to build awareness around the average Australian adult daily intake of kilojoules.

Via the 8700kJ campaign, consumers can calculate their ideal kilojoule intake, search food outlets to see how many kilojoules are in the food they are eating, and learn about how exercise can help burn kilojoules through www.8700.com.au

As part of an integrated marketing campaign launch, Ogilvy PR set out to build understanding and increase awareness of 8700 KJs as a benchmark for the average adult’s daily energy intake and drive NSW adults to the 8700.com.au website to download the campaign tools and get more information.

To launch 8700kJ to media, Ogilvy PR held a media call at the Sydney City Westfield food court; – a hot spot for fast food outlets impacted by the legislation, featuring an Australian family who showed everyone has an ideal kilojoule figure by wearing personalised t-shirts.

Campaign ambassador, respected dietician and nutritionist, Dr Joanna McMillan and NSW Heart Foundation CEO, Tony Thirwell added weight to the campaign by outlining the potential health benefits to Australians.

The media call was supported by radio drops featuring everyday breakfast items tagged with their kilojoule figure and engaging key health and fitness experts and social media influencers.

Launch coverage to date has helped to and included a near-full page in the Daily Telegraph, a lead story on Channel Ten news and segment on Channel Nine’s TODAY Show with Dr Joanna McMillan.

Conversations around the 8700kJ campaign are now taking place on influencer social networks, with the chatter expected to continue in weeks to come.