My Little Oats campaign

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In 2013, UNCLE TOBYS tasked OPR with getting the new range of Quick Sachets Oats back on mums’ morning agenda and into their kids’ breakfast bowls.


Mornings are a busy time for mums, with kids to get to school, lunchboxes to pack and of course hungry mouths to feed. So how could UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets help and how could we communicate to mum that this nutritious breakfast option was ready in just 90-seconds flat?

The answer, a ‘My Little Oats’ campaign to share tips and tricks to put the fun back in the morning routine.

A targeted blogger programme recruited influential mums to spread the word amongst their prolific networks. A bespoke outreach approach celebrated mornings, with activities to enjoy in 90 seconds and plenty of Quick Sachets oats to fuel their family’s mornings. We called on our bloggers to share their morning time tips and tricks and in turn ask their readers to do the same.


8 top blogger ambassadors were recruited, landing 17 pieces of coverage, exceeding KPIs and driving engagement with over 1,800 consumers via competition entries. 100% positive sentiment was achieved across all posts.

Nestlé Australia: Achieving Olympic sized sales effort

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With growing consumer demand for low pricing, greater competition from supermarket ‘own brand’ products and a massive rise in cost base, 2008 would bring a number of challenges to the Nestlé Sales team. The employee engagement challenge was significant. How to drive greater effort from an already stretched and high-performing team with the ultimate aim of maximising sales.


Insights gain from the merchandiser research revealed head office was seen as an ‘ivory tower’ which lacked understanding of the needs and challenges merchandisers faced in their roles.


Impact’s strategy included research, a series of engagement events and ongoing momentum activities whilst capitalising on Nestlé’s sponsorship of the Australian Olympic Swim Team. Strong messaging encouraged employees to challenge their own limits, resulting in the creation of the ‘Personal Best’ (PB) brand. The PB brand was launched via an Olympic-themed roadshow. To ensure message retention, divisional messages were delivered via interactive team games with a quiz element to test recall and create a sense of competition.


As described by Nestlé’s National Sales Director, “The Roadshow and comms strategy more than delivered what it set out to achieve…some say this is one of the hardest challenges to overcome, motivating a team who are already at the top of their game. The balance of strong message direction, creativity and experiential communication has meant our team is motivated and inspired to step up their pace and deliver an even higher performance in 2008.”