Auditing to assist a smooth transition

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Challenge:  UnitingCare NSW.ACT has been building a shared services model across their marketing and communication services over the last 18 months, as part of a strategic direction for sustainability and streamlining of the organisation. Communication and Marketing services for UnitingCare Children Young People and Families were next in line to be consolidated into this new model. UnitingCare wanted to ensure consistency of service through this transition, however did not have a clear picture of the activities currently taking place.

UnitingCare knew that an independent audit would be necessary to subjectively capture the complete picture of activities across the organisation. With a strong background in communication audits and effectiveness research, Ogilvy Impact successfully responded to the request for proposal.

Strategy:  Ogilvy Impact were based onsite for the audit, to enable close working with the UnitingCare Communication and Marketing team. This also allowed us to see the organisation in action and pick up on nuances that would have been missed if working offsite. We also conducted focus groups with key stakeholders to develop deeper insights into perceptions of effectiveness of marketing and communications activities.

Although not part of the initial brief, Ogilvy Impact also undertook a survey of all the division’s employees, as it was also important to get the wider view.

Results:  The combination of the completed audit, focus groups and survey gave UnitingCare a rich picture of the current marketing and communications work to be transitioned. While the initial brief was to audit, Ogilvy Impact was able to provide additional value. We identified opportunities for efficiencies through the transition, and developed recommendations of how to improve the new structure. We also provided insights into employees’ concerns about the move to a shared services model, and what they would like to see change.
As a result of this work, Ogilvy Impact has been asked to undertake a further audit and research project, to assess the rest of the organisation’s communication and marketing activities.


Building trust during and beyond a site closure

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Challenge:  An FMCG company intended to move manufacturing offshore, meaning the loss of jobs in Australia. The announcement occurred at a time when consumers, unions and media in Australia were particularly concerned about the decline of manufacturing. Careful engagement of all stakeholders was needed to maintain employee trust, minimise productivity loss, prevent industrial action, and maintain the company’s reputation and share of shopping basket.

Insight:  Our strategy was to minimise negative reaction from all stakeholders through consistent messaging communicated via open, transparent dialogue, supported by well-equipped leaders who were always on-message.

Solution:  Taking an ‘inside-out’ approach we ensured all communication was undertaken with care, thoroughness and sensitivity and focused first on those employees most affected.  We facilitated workshops to align senior leadership around agreed key messages, and trained line managers to lead their teams through change with confidence. Our recommendation to communicate early, ensure affected employees were aware of their entitlements, and highlight benefits for the continued success of the business meant everyone felt well-informed, and trusted the organisation’s leaders as the credible source of truth on the decision.

Outcome:  No adverse impact on absenteeism and productivity metrics during the transition. Employees, including those who remain in the organisation, remain positive ambassadors of the brand in their communities and in media.

My Little Oats campaign

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In 2013, UNCLE TOBYS tasked OPR with getting the new range of Quick Sachets Oats back on mums’ morning agenda and into their kids’ breakfast bowls.


Mornings are a busy time for mums, with kids to get to school, lunchboxes to pack and of course hungry mouths to feed. So how could UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets help and how could we communicate to mum that this nutritious breakfast option was ready in just 90-seconds flat?

The answer, a ‘My Little Oats’ campaign to share tips and tricks to put the fun back in the morning routine.

A targeted blogger programme recruited influential mums to spread the word amongst their prolific networks. A bespoke outreach approach celebrated mornings, with activities to enjoy in 90 seconds and plenty of Quick Sachets oats to fuel their family’s mornings. We called on our bloggers to share their morning time tips and tricks and in turn ask their readers to do the same.


8 top blogger ambassadors were recruited, landing 17 pieces of coverage, exceeding KPIs and driving engagement with over 1,800 consumers via competition entries. 100% positive sentiment was achieved across all posts.

A brighter future for homeless men – The Michael Project, Mission Australia

The Michael Project is an inspiring new program designed by Mission Australia to provide support to homeless men, taking them out of the confines of isolation which are rife in the world of homelessness.

The final report for the project was launched on 17 April 2012, with attendees taken through the results of the research by Professor Paul Flatau, Chair in Social Investment and Impact and Director of the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia. They were also treated with special guest presenter Dr Dennis Culhane, Chair of Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Michael Project was created with homeless men in the centre, using a range of services to ensure their quality of life was improved across as many areas as possible over the course of the 12 month program. The key was building on existing services to extend the range of support.

Mission Australia was able to demonstrate that the program could effectively save Australian taxpayers as much as $3,061 per participant.

The following three points were the focus of the project, and the reasons for its success.

  • Providing temporary accommodation – leading to more long-term housing
  • Providing specialist support service access – this helped to increase many of the men’s ability to earn an income and be more involved at a social level
  • Providing one-to-one support from a case worker, assigned at the beginning of the project

Ogilvy Impact partnered with Mission Australia to produce a short video, bringing to life a developed infographic, for the launch of the project and to visually summarise the 69-page report. The video has been embedded into the Mission Australia page and has resulted in over 700 views, an excellent result in terms of awareness of the project and the work that Mission Australia does.

Nestlé Australia: Achieving Olympic sized sales effort

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With growing consumer demand for low pricing, greater competition from supermarket ‘own brand’ products and a massive rise in cost base, 2008 would bring a number of challenges to the Nestlé Sales team. The employee engagement challenge was significant. How to drive greater effort from an already stretched and high-performing team with the ultimate aim of maximising sales.


Insights gain from the merchandiser research revealed head office was seen as an ‘ivory tower’ which lacked understanding of the needs and challenges merchandisers faced in their roles.


Impact’s strategy included research, a series of engagement events and ongoing momentum activities whilst capitalising on Nestlé’s sponsorship of the Australian Olympic Swim Team. Strong messaging encouraged employees to challenge their own limits, resulting in the creation of the ‘Personal Best’ (PB) brand. The PB brand was launched via an Olympic-themed roadshow. To ensure message retention, divisional messages were delivered via interactive team games with a quiz element to test recall and create a sense of competition.


As described by Nestlé’s National Sales Director, “The Roadshow and comms strategy more than delivered what it set out to achieve…some say this is one of the hardest challenges to overcome, motivating a team who are already at the top of their game. The balance of strong message direction, creativity and experiential communication has meant our team is motivated and inspired to step up their pace and deliver an even higher performance in 2008.”

Lion Nathan: Making Our Mark

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Lion NathanChallenge

To engage, inspire and invigorate the 500-strong Lion Nathan team at the national sales and marketing conference to deliver on an ambitious year ahead.


Communicating a stretch target for an already successful sales and marketing team would not be enough – Lion Nathan’s call to arms had to be bolstered with strong support from aligned leadership, and the presentation of business initiatives that would be real enablers to delivery.


Impact Employee Communications, Ogilvy PR’s employee communications specialists, worked with Lion Nathan leadership and tapped into employee insights to develop a strategic theme for the conference – ‘Making Our Mark’ – executed via a powerful visual identity.
A coordinated campaign was devised around the theme, with pre-event awareness and excitement achieved through an email countdown campaign, and at the conference through energetic video, keynote speaker presentation support and execution, highly visual participant workbooks (to ensure the team had a personal record of learnings and action plans), and themed room décor and collateral with on-message slogans.


The ‘Making Our Mark’ campaign was met with roaring success – the client cited it as achieving cut-through in its conference-heavy calendar, and has become the umbrella theme for all sales and marketing initiatives for the year.