Launching the first Museum of Australian Democracy

090509OPH-0391Challenges: In May 2009, Australia’s much-loved building Old Parliament House (OPH) in Canberra was re-launched as the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD). Pulse was engaged to generate national awareness of OPH’s new role and create excitement about the opening of the first and only museum in Australia dedicated to telling the story of Australian democracy – past, present and future. The core challenge was to shift Australian perceptions of OPH as being stale and conservative, while also making democracy relevant to everyday Australians lives.

Insight: Australians recognise democracy but associate it with politics, rather than celebrating stories of real people using their voice to achieve extraordinary things.

Creative Idea: Bring democracy to life by creating a ‘What’s on your mind?’ campaign designed to engage Australians in the democratic process in a fun and entertaining way, and assist in shifting perceptions and building momentum in the lead up to the opening of MoAD.

Campaign: The public was asked to vote via a dedicated website for the social and cultural topic “most on their mind” and to nominate a high-profile Australians they would like to present it.

The campaign culminated in a national debate held at the new MoAD, which kicked off the museum’s opening weekend celebrations.

Outcome: Over 180 pieces of coverage generated nationally, with an audience reach of over 100 million. Coverage included several television pieces on the ABC, several pieces in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, and a number of lifestyle and travel publications