MC Hammer Inside Tour

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MC HammerIssue

Music icon and social media guru, MC Hammer was engaged to launch Twitter on the Xbox 360 online service, Xbox LIVE, and introduce the brand new “Lips: Number One Hits” game, which features the classic hit “U Can’t Touch This”.


Ensure Xbox key messages in the coverage achieved were not overtaken by the “celebrity factor” of MC Hammer.


As the world’s 14th most influential person on Twitter, MC Hammer was credible and passionate brand ambassador, who could pull on nostalgic heart strings of media to secure incredible mainstream coverage, and then surprise them with his online savvy.

Creative Idea

An extensive media tour of Sydney and Melbourne was held, targeting every major television, radio and newspaper outlet. MC Hammer was clearly briefed to naturally communicate the key messages of the Xbox Twitter and Lips offerings,with Pulse attending each interview to ensure Xbox coverage.


The activity took place over a 4 day period, with over 30 media outlets receiving one-on-one interviews with MC Hammer. Hammer was briefed on the key Xbox messages which he reiterated in all activity.


Over 65 pieces of coverage have appeared to date on the MC Hammer media tour across high rating outlets like Rove, Sunrise, Channel 10 News, The Morning Show, Hamish and Andy show on 2DayFM, The Age, Daily Telegraph and Famous. Xbox key messages on Twitter and Lips featured in 100% of this coverage that Pulse placed.

Xbox Sounds- Pussycat Dolls

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Pussycat Dolls1Challenge

Broaden awareness of the Xbox360 console as a family friendly console, reaching out to an audience beyond gaming

Creative idea

Xbox develop the Xbox Sounds event series, where iconic music acts would perform at iconic Australian locations throughout the summer. The first in the series saw the Pussycat Dolls perform in front of the Sydney Opera House.


Pulse was tasked with taking the story of Xbox Sounds to the mass media, broadening Xbox’s reach beyond the gaming and technology press.

Pre-event outreach targeted news , lifestyle and music media  to build buzz and hype for the event.

To maximise the post-event coverage Pulse targeted media from lifestyle, broadcast and major news outlets, offering access to the performers, spokespeople and other talent for news and feature stories.


Local and international coverage of the event reaching an audience in excess of 60 million.
105 pieces of coverage were secured with 82% of these pieces  occurring in consumer lifestyle, news or broadcast media