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    Havaianas Australia appoints Pulse Communications as its communications agency

    July 24, 2014 by  
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    Sydney, July 24, 2014: The Havaianas brand, represented by Aqueo Import and Distribution Pty Ltd in Australia, has chosen Pulse Communications, part of Ogilvy PR Australia, as its consumer agency of record following a competitive review.

    Havaianas Marketing Manager, Emma Kowaleczko, said: “Our aim going into this process was to find an agency that really understood who we are as a brand. As such an iconic name in Australia, we were looking for an agency partner that could support us in everything we do.

    “The Pulse Communications team demonstrated its love and passion for the business, and presented a highly-creative program that will help our brand team engage with all Australians,” she said.

    Ogilvy PR’s Group Managing Director, Consumer, Richard Brett said: “The Pulse Communications team will be working to ensure we deliver the most innovative ideas and campaigns that best represent the Havaianas ethos. Havaianas is a fun, vibrant brand which plays an important role in Australia’s outdoor culture and lifestyle. We look forward to working together to deliver outstanding results.”

    “The programme will include developing new and innovative creative ideas, and building relationships with a range of bloggers, influencers and media,” he explained.

    Klick Communications will continue to represent the Australia Day Havaianas Thong Challenge.

    Work begins on the account immediately.

    Pulse Communications is part of Ogilvy PR Australia, a joint venture between WPP and STW, Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group


    About Pulse Communications:
    Pulse Communications is one of Australia’s largest and most awarded consumer communications agencies, made up of over 40 brand consultants across Sydney and Melbourne, with a focus on social and public relations. Clients include Activision, Coca-Cola, eBay, Ford, Huggies, TripAdvisor and UBank. The agency is part of Ogilvy Public Relations, Australia’s largest PR network, which is a joint venture between WPP and STW, Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group.

    For more information, visit our Website at www.pulsecom.com.au or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pulsecommunications.

    About Ogilvy PR Australia:

    Ogilvy PR Australia is the country’s largest PR and public affairs agency with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.  It is 51% owned by WPP and 49% owned by STW.  For more information, visit our Web site at www.ogilvypr.com.au or follow us on Twitter at @ogilvypraus.

    For further information contact:
    Lena Sachs
    Account Manager
    02 8281 3875

    Executive women power up online networking

    July 18, 2014 by  
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    It was standing room only at an Executive Women Australia lunch in Sydney on Friday, a testament to the pulling power of good company, a good lunch and the widespread desire to get more out of LinkedIn

    Tara Commerford, LinkedIn’s head of communications for Australia and New Zealand was the speaker at the EWA workshop event, sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations.

    The event was billed as LinkedIn’s Seven Secrets to Career Success Workshop and Tara delivered as promised and then some, with a lively discussion rounding out the formal proceedings.

    LinkedIn now has 300 million members worldwide – including six million in Australia. It is the social media platform where our professional lives play out.

    So, how do make sure your LinkedIn presence is acting in your favour? Once Tara took the stage, the tips tumbled out.

    She urged the audience to take control of their executive profile. Substance and style are both important given profiles with professional photos are 14 times more likely to be viewed.

    On the sometimes vexed matter of connections, we were assured it was quality not quantity that mattered so invest time in professional online networks by connecting with people that matter and leave the ‘my network is bigger than yours’ argument to the men.

    Passive is boring so  contribute to relevant debates, stay on top of leading ideas, and don’t be shy of making your voice heard by posting and sharing updates. Join some groups and once you are comfortable with your own brand, think about your company’s. Put a human face to it by sharing activities and milestones.

    We all know that being a couch potato is bad for your health and it turns out to be a bad career move as well. Tara urged the crowd not to get stuck in a comfort zone but to keep moving and to consciously promote adaptability, now a prized commodity in a fast moving world.

    Even if many of us underestimate the impact of our online presence, employers do not. Seven out of 10 businesses have rejected a job candidate because of information found online.

    After Tara’s presentation the questions came thick and fast: how do you get a 70 year old boss to take control of his own profile? How should one manage endorsements and what about LinkedIn business pages?

    Tara handled every question with aplomb which, given she was, in true executive style, jetlagged, was particularly impressive. Ogilvy PR’s Susan Redden Makatoa, who chairs the EWA Advisory Panel, spoke for the room she delivered a heartfelt thanks.

    Emma Connors, Senior Media Strategist, Ogilvy Public Relations


    And the winners are . . .

    July 7, 2014 by  
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    Last week, we announced the third round Trumpet winners.  The Trumpets is our formal employee recognition program launched in May 2011. Our company culture is built on our three core Values – Partnership, Learn & Grow and One Step ahead, and the program recognises values-based behaviours across the whole business – from great client work to the way we work with each other and aligned with our social and environmental commitments.

    We have a client team win with Jess Smart, Tom Hunter and Klara Kalocsay, also winning the trophy were Jaquie Potter, Louise Halloran and Justine Taylor all for their excellence team work and going that extra mile for their clients.  Congratulations to all.


    Microsoft Australia appoints Ogilvy Public Relations as consumer agency of record

    July 3, 2014 by  
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    Sydney, July 3, 2014: Microsoft Australia has selected Ogilvy Public Relations as its consumer agency of record following a recent review process.

    The appointment sees Ogilvy Public Relations Australia become Microsoft’s communications agency partner for consumer, commercial, social and content programs.  Fuel Communications will continue to represent Microsoft Devices (formerly Nokia).

    Microsoft’s Head of Corporate Communications, Pip Arthur said: “Our aspiration going into this process was to find the best consumer PR agency partner to support some of our most loved consumer devices and services.

    “The Ogilvy PR team displayed an unparalleled understanding of our business, and presented a highly creative program that we believe will strike a chord with consumers.  We are looking forward to kicking this off immediately,” she said.

    Ogilvy PR’s Group Managing Director, Consumer, Richard Brett said: “The Ogilvy consumer team delivers a combination of brand understanding, consumer technology expertise and innovative digital creative capability with a passion to deliver to our diverse consumer audiences.

    “We created a specialist team comprising members from Ogilvy’s consumer and brand team with our skilled social and content team from Social@Ogilvy, and senior counsel from the greater Ogilvy PR Group to deliver creative campaigns,” he explained.

    As a result of the move to have all of the Microsoft communications business under one Ogilvy PR umbrella, the agency has appointed Skye Lambley (currently Director at Howorth Communications, Ogilvy PR’s technology and business specialist agency) to the newly created Client Director Microsoft role, reporting directly to the CEO, Kieran Moore.  She will be responsible for integrating and aligning the commercial, consumer, corporate, social and content campaigns across Microsoft Australia.

    According to Ogilvy PR Australia’s CEO, Kieran Moore: “We’ll be working to ensure we have the best alignment and integration possible given that we are in this unique and enviable position of being the one communications agency for Microsoft Australia.  Microsoft is at a very exciting time in its history, it has a tremendous focus on partnership and we look forward to working together and to delivering outstanding results.”

    Work begins on the account immediately.  Ogilvy PR Australia is a joint venture between WPP and STW, Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group.


    For more information contact: Rebecca Tilly, STW PR ph: +61 410 501 043

    About Ogilvy PR Australia:

    Ogilvy PR Australia is the country’s largest PR and public affairs agency with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.  It is 51% owned by WPP and 49% owned by STW.  For more information, visit our Website at www.ogilvypr.com.au or follow us on Twitter at @ogilvypraus.


    Ogilvy Public Relations Australia Launches Measurement System: Impact4

    July 1, 2014 by  
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    Sydney, July 1, 2014: Ogilvy Public Relations Australia, part of STW Group, has launched its proprietary measurement system, Impact4, which offers its clients and organisations over 70 different tools and techniques to measure public relations and communication campaigns.

    It combines the very latest measurement techniques, analysis software and tools, with a mathematical thread that allows Ogilvy PR Australia to be the first public relations consultancy in Australia to offer a unique combination of predictive analytics, statistical outcome modelling, independent analysis and integrated search optimisation methodology.

    Impact 4 supports AMEC’s Barcelona Principles on measurement and is based on four specific principles. First it is built on a bespoke framework of different measures, allowing clients to build their own unique model. Secondly, it offers clients a fully graphic dashboard interface to analyse, in real time, the results of the campaign.   Thirdly it is based around a constant quarterly cycle of review and insight based learning, and lastly and most importantly, it is powered by and built with, a relationship with Metrica (a global media analysis and media evaluation consultancy headquartered in London), allowing fully independent measurement across all Ogilvy Public Relations Australia clients.

    Impact4 is organised into four groups of measurement:

    1. Inputs
      Success is agreed at the beginning of each campaign or year with a number of proprietary tools including the Impact4 Scorecard and Impact4 Measurement Matrix. KPIs across communications outputs, out-takes and business outcomes are all set and agreed during this phase.
    2. Outcomes
      A full suite of statistical correlation techniques is offered which allows Ogilvy Public Relations to directly understand how a campaign makes an impact to a client’s business. Out-takes and outputs are correlated to business results via regression and correlation techniques. Finally, predictive analytics tools are offered to allow the agency to accurately predict the increase in revenue and sales of a campaign.
    3. Out-takes
      A full suite of communication out-take measures are offered, including awareness change, attitude change and propensity. A full suite of social media measures, powered by twelve different social analytics tools also forms part of the offer. The agency is also including a fully integrated complement of SEO tools within Impact4.
    4. Outputs
      A full range of campaign output measures, analysed independently by Metrica, is grouped into four levels, and includes over 50 different ways to measure a campaign’s quantity and quality. Part of the system can score the quality and quantity of a campaign in a single number (Impact Points), allowing an easy and simple way to track a campaign over time.

    Kieran Moore, CEO Ogilvy Public Relations Australia said: “The launch of Impact4 reflects Ogilvy Public Relations’ new global standards for measurement and builds on our commitment to offer a state of the art measurement offering.  Our clients are sophisticated.  They need hard data and together we need to measure the impact of our work.  We have gone above and beyond with Impact4 and we are excited to launch it,” she said.

    Richard Brett, Group Managing Director, Consumer,  Ogilvy Public Relations Australia, who led the development of Impact4 for the agency said: “Impact4 puts all of our measurement knowledge in one place, combining the very best tools and techniques from around the world in both social and traditional media analytics. And, because it is fully tailored specifically for each client need, it allows clients to have a measurement tool that is both insightful and real time.”

    The agency’s new system follows an eight month internal build process and client review.

    Ogilvy PR is a joint venture between WPP and STW Group, Australia’s leading marketing and communications service group.


    Notes to Editors

    1. Impact4 has been designed to fully comply with Association of Measurement and Evaluation in Communication’s seven Barcelona Principles agreed in 2010.
    2. Impact4 is a trademark of Ogilvy Public Relations Australia and its other trading brands including Pulse Communications, Howorth Communications, Ogilvy Impact, Parker & Partners and Ogilvy Public Relations Health.
    3. The social tools offered within Impact4 include: Radar, SocialBakers, GroupHigh, Sysomos, SEOMoz, Klout, GoogleAnalytics, PeerIndex, Radian6, SEMRush, Net Promoter Score, SproutSocial, BuzzNumbers, Edgerank Checker. Unmetric.
    4. Impact4 out-takes are measured in partnership with Added Value, AMR and Yellow Square.

    For further information please contact Rebecca Tilly, STW PR on 0410 501 043

    About Ogilvy PR Australia:

    Ogilvy PR Australia is the country’s largest PR and public affairs agency with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.  It is 51% owned by WPP and 49% owned by STW.  For more information, visit our Web site at www.ogilvypr.com.au or follow us on Twitter at @ogilvypraus.


    A Solid Gold Night for Ogilvy Public Relations at the 2014 PRWeek Awards

    June 30, 2014 by  
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    The PRWeek Awards have become an unrivalled benchmark for the region’s communications industry. They are unique in their efforts to shine the spotlight on the work, communicators and agencies in Asia-Pacific.

    Ogilvy Public Relations celebrated a remarkable year of achievements for its clients at the Campaign/PRWeek Awards in Hong Kong on June 26 collecting six gold awards, two Certificates of Excellence and two Honourable Mentions.

    Our very own Ogilvy PR Melbourne team collected a Certificate of Excellence for BP Pink Pulp.  Read the case study here.

    Serving as a judge on the awards panel this year, Scott Kronick, Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific President & CEO, saw firsthand the high standard of work entered. “Ogilvy Public Relations is only as strong as the brave and bold clients we partner with. We believe that through the best talent, constant innovation, a relentless focus on creating powerful brand advocates for our clients and leveraging the expertise of over 1000 staff, we can drive real business results for our clients.”

    Michael Clarke Australian cricket player

    Ogilvy PR Health support the Melanoma Institute with a cocktail reception

    June 27, 2014 by  
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    Last night, Ogilvy PR Health hosted a fundraising cocktail reception to support Melanoma Institute Australia and the 900KM Walk for a Cure. More than 50 guests came to show their support and to hear from world-leading melanoma surgeon Prof John Thompson and two men – Jay Allen and Andrew Rust – who have survived stage III and IV melanoma and now campaign tirelessly for prevention, treatments and a cure.

    To further the cause, they will walk from Sydney to Melbourne – a distance of more than 900KM – to raise funds and support for Melanoma Institute Australia. Ogilvy PR Health is honoured to be a supporter of the 900KM Walk for a Cure and to help these two men reach their goals. To learn more or donate click here.




    Doha to Sydney and everything in between

    June 26, 2014 by  
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    Three weeks ago, myself and a colleague were in Doha with our client at Al Jazeera English, and we all had high expectations that the journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed would soon be released from their Cairo prison cell because the evidence against them seemed so flimsy and capricious.

    On Monday those hopes were dashed when Australian Greste and Canadian Fahmy were sentenced to seven years gaol, with Egyptian colleague Mohamed picking up an extra three years for having in his possession a spent bullet casing– a trifling souvenir that is apparently evidence of his further guilt.

    During our short stint in Doha we met with senior executives across the network, including Al Jazeera English managing director Al Anstey, a journalist with impeccable credentials and track record across the globe.

    Anstey and the entire organisation have been deeply concerned about his team ever since their arrest 178 days ago.  All for what Anstey tasks his journalists to do every single day, which is to be “bold, challenging and fearless” and giving a “voice to the voiceless.”

    Sister network Al Jazeera Arabic director of news Ibrahim Helal gave us insights into the social, legal and political dynamics within Egypt that have caused not just the three journalists to be imprisoned, but also many others that face far worse punishment under the new regime.

    Both networks strive to uncover those stories that people want to remain hidden.  Greste and his colleagues have been victimised for doing their job in Egypt in what Anstey has characterised as a political show trial that “defies logic, sense, and any semblance of justice.”

    As a PR agency we are often tasked to help drive causes and issues that drive commercial imperatives for our clients.  However, during the past 179 days, we’ve had a higher calling.

    Since the journalists’ arrest we have been supporting the far more important social principle of press freedom in Australia and across the world, because that is an essential ingredient of strong democracies and political accountability.

    We’d urge everyone to support Al Jazeera in its efforts to uphold press freedom and seek the immediate release of the Cairo three.

    Emilio Robles, Howorth Communications / Ogilvy Public Relations


    Ogilvy Public Relations Sydney team supporting #freeAJStaff


    Every Voice Counts

    June 24, 2014 by  
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    Today, in support of Peter Greste and his colleagues from our client Al Jazeera, Ogilvy PR Australia team members participated in a silent protest at our offices in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

    Ogilvy PR Australia is also proud to support Peter in his quest for justice, as part of the work that the agency does to support The Walkley Foundation and press freedom.   Through the #FreeAJStaff, Ogilvy PR spread the word calling for the Egyptian Government  to free Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy & Baher Mohamed.














    Ogilvy PR present at the Digital World 2014 conference

    June 20, 2014 by  
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    Brian Giesen represented Ogilvy at the Digital World 2014 conference in Bangladesh, one of the largest digital conferences in APAC with more than 300,000 people attending the four-day event.

    Brian delivered a keynote presentation titled “7 Insights on Real Time Content Marketing” and participated in a panel discussion on “Marketing Your Services in the New Media.” The speaking opportunity was arranged by Tanveer Ahmed from the Ogilvy Dhaka office as a profile-building opportunity for the Dhaka team.

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) division of Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) organized the biggest ICT exposition of the country, “Digital World 2014″. Along with software exposition there would be seminars focusing different area of ICT.  Digital World 2014 paid for all of Brian’s expenses and travel to Bangladesh.


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