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    Ogilvy PR retain top spots in 2014 creative ranking

    October 21, 2014 by  
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    Ogilvy PR has retained the top spots in the Holmes Report’s third annual ranking of creative excellence in the PR industry.

    The Global Creative Index analyses entries and winners from more than 25 PR award programmes from around the world, over a 12 month period, using the 2014 Cannes Lions as a cut-off point. Scores were weighted according to a Holmes Report formula that placed particular emphasis on Best of Show winners.

    Read the full story here.

    Microsoft boss urges executive women to disrupt the status quo

    October 20, 2014 by  
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    All eyes were on one of Australia’s most successful executives and passionate advocate for workplace gender equality, Pip Marlow – Managing Director of Microsoft Australia – at Executive Women Australia’s latest Masterclass.

    Drawing on her own experiences, Pip delivered a lively, interactive and often candid presentation that included insights on gender equality in the workplace. From the onset, her message was clear that each of us has a role in disrupting the status quo and help female executives achieve their full potential.

    She began by acknowledging progress has been made over the years, including legislated maternity leave, women in government and examples of mentoring programs, organisations embracing diversity principles and targets.

    However, she continued, Australia’s pace for change is slow – a sentiment and frustration shared by many in the room.

    Across the economy women are still underrepresented. Labour force participation by women in Australia has slipped to 52nd globally. Only 10.1 per cent of key executives in ASX200 companies are female. Women still earn less than men – $238.20 less per week and the gender pay gap is actually increasing.

    Her opinion for the slow pace of change is threefold. Firstly, an unconscious bias exists in the workforce, in which incorrect assumptions made about women are accepted rather than questioned. Secondly, everyone needs to be accountable for diversity – not just the leadership. Lastly, the majority of workplaces still weight achieving the bottom line as its most critical target, not achieving diversity.

    So what can we do?

    Pip’s advice is that we all have a responsibility and a role to disrupt the status quo – change will not happen if we sit around.

    Gender equality and diversity targets need to be part of daily workplace conversation – we need to speak up in conversations about business targets, results, performance and promotions. We need to hold people accountable.

    We can’t leave this fight to others. Every day, in work places across the country, there are opportunities to advance the conversation, to start building.

    Pip finished her presentation with a point that is often forgotten and a strong applause from the audience – women’s issues don’t just concern women. They are issues for us all.

    EWA Chair and Ogilvy PR Group Managing Director, Corporate – Susan Redden Makatoa thanked Pip for her generosity to help further the careers of executive women and expressed our company’s pride in working with Microsoft.

    Arli Miller, Director – Parker&Partners/Ogilvy Public Relations

    Chris Graves named Chair of The Council of Public Relations Firms

    October 15, 2014 by  
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    Ogilvy Public Relations chairman Chris Graves has been named the new Chair of The Council of Public Relations Firms. Prior to his appointment, he served as Director with The Council since 2012.

    Last year, Chris chaired The Council’s Critical Issues Forum titled Content Frenzy, which provided debate about the persistent quandaries clients, media properties, and communications firms face as they try to create content and garner viewers’ attention.

    This year’s Critical Issues Forum, The PR Genome Project will cover the Public Relations industry’s search for its evolutionary path forward, again led by our very own Chris Graves and surely another sold out event.  Link to PRWeek for the full article.

    The Council of Public Relations Firms is the trade association of America’s leading public relations firms. Its membership represents the premier global, mid-size, regional and specialty firms across every discipline and practice area. The Council’s mission is to advocate for and advance the business of public relations firms by building the market and the value of firms as strategic business partners. For more information about the Council, visit www.prfirms.org.

    Kieran Moore elevated to fellow of the PRIA

    October 13, 2014 by  
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    Ogilvy PR Australia’s CEO, Kieran Moore has been elevated as a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

    The National Board recently accepted the recommendation of the College of Fellows that she be given this honour.   Elevation to Fellowship is one of the highest honours awarded by the PRIA.

    A Fellow of PRIA is person who has:

    • at least 10 years full-time professional public relations experience
    • had senior status in public relations practice or public relations education on a full-time basis for at least 5 years
    • who, having been a Full Member, has in the opinion of PRIA’s Board of Directors made an outstanding contribution to the public relations profession through excellence in achievements and adherence to the highest professional standards

    The assessment criteria includes:

    • Excellence in achievements and adherence to the highest professional standards
    • Service to PRIA
    • Pro-bono service to community organisations

    Nominations for Fellowship are closely scrutinised at a State, College, and then National level.  Kieran will be presented with her certificate at the Annual dinner of the College of Fellows in conjunction with the PRIA National Conference in Brisbane in November.

    Fourth round Trumpet winners announced

    September 26, 2014 by  
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    Today we announced the fourth round Trumpet winners.  The Trumpets is our formal employee recognition program launched in May 2011. Our company culture is built on our three core Values – Partnership, Learn & Grow and One Step ahead, and the program recognises values-based behaviours across the whole business – from great client work to the way we work with each other and aligned with our social and environmental commitments.

    We had nine nominations with Braiden Moffat, Tom Hunter and Georgina Bonner picking up the prize.  They will go into the running to be the end of year winner who will win an experiential prize of their choice worth $4,000.

    Congratulations to all.

    Ogilvy Public Relations shortlisted for B&T 2014 Awards

    September 24, 2014 by  
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    Ogilvy Public Relations Melbourne is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted for a B&T 2014 Award for our entry Best PR Campaign for BP Australia ‘BP Pink Pulp’.

    The B&T Awards are designed to recognise excellence in all areas of marketing, media and communications. The Awards are an all encompassing industry event showcasing excellence across 30 categories.

    The winners will be announced at the awards night on Friday 21st November.


    Ogilvy PR take home two SABRE awards

    September 23, 2014 by  
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    Ogilvy Public Relations won more Gold and Diamond SABRE Awards for its clients than any other firm, picking up 10 awards for its campaign work. Ogilvy Public Relations Australia is delighted to announce it has won two awards across the Diamond and Gold Categories at the 2014 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards.

    Ogilvy PR Health with its Change for the Best: The Re-Launch of Fitness First campaign won a Diamond SABRE award for excellence in public relations in the c-suite under the category of measurement and evaluation.

    Microsoft Australia with Ogilvy Public Relations Australia won a Gold SABRE in the public affairs category with their campaign, Ogilvy PR joins up with Microsoft to ignite an Innovation Movement.

    “The Awards showcase the best the public relations industry has to offer and to be recognised for the high calibre of our work by our industry peers is a tremendous honour,” said Kieran Moore, CEO, Ogilvy PR Australia.

    Read the full list of winners here.


    SHO+ Round 7 and 8 – Winners Announced!

    September 8, 2014 by  
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    SHO+, Ogilvy PR Australia’s calendar of creativity has announced its round 7 and 8 winners.

    Round 7 – The everyday office object that was chosen for this round’s theme was the ever-helpful USB Flash Drive.

    In this round we witnessed USB sticks transformed into insects, stunning photography comparing USB sticks to shipping containers and the deconstruction of a flash drive.

    Sovita Pen won the USB challenge with her depiction of the history of computer data storage. Sovita displayed a punch card of which early computer­s often used with “Ogilvy” punched out of the card.

    ROUND 8 - Ogilvy PR employees once again dazzled with their creative talents to the theme of Post-It Notes – The little sticky note used throughout our working lives, day in and day out.

    Entries ranged from fashion to poems and even an insight into the history of the post-it. The winning entry entitled “That which we do not want to remain” turned the concept of using Post-it’s as reminders on its head, and probed the question – What if you could use a post to write down the things you didn’t want to remember any more? Congratulations to the winner – Jared Woods, for his thoughtful entry.


    Ogilvy PR Australia collects more metal

    September 5, 2014 by  
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    As the countdown begins to the highly anticipated SABRE Awards ceremony on September 18, Ogilvy PR Australia is excited to announce Howorth and social@Ogilvy were outright winners at the In2 SABREs which were announced earlier this week.  The In2SABREs – formally the silver SABREs – recognise a wide range of content, from experiential to digital, across multiple channels including  paid, earned, owned and shared.  Howorth won the broadcast media category for its client ancestry.com.au and social@Ogilvy collected metal and won the coveted podcast/weekly webinar category.

    Howorth and social@Ogilvy also collected four Certificates of Excellence across varying categories.

    Across the region Ogilvy PR was awarded three wins and 12 Certificates of Excellence overall.

    Read the full list of winners here.


    Don’t get stuck in your chair

    September 4, 2014 by  
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    Megan Caulfield, Senior Strategist Ogilvy Impact

    Keeping people glued attentively to their seats was not a hard ask for The Hon Helen Coonan at last week’s Executive Women Australia Masterclass session. But for the former Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, women need to avoid languishing in what she terms the “sticky chair”.

    In discussing ‘How to know when you’re executive ready’, Helen stressed not to wait until you feel confident and equipped for a role.

    “Be recognised for the right reasons,” she said. “Don’t hang back. Put your hand up for the tougher gigs and you’ll be the obvious choice for jobs down the track.”

    In reflecting back on her career it’s clear Helen definitely didn’t wait for opportunities to come to her. She turned down a partnership in a top legal firm taking a “sideways” step by start her own legal business. When taking on the Wentworth pre-selection battle in 1995 she proved she didn’t step away from a challenge. Even though she did not win it was clear her skills and presence were noticed. The year after she was elected to the Federal Senate.

    So what are the key attributes she sees as essential for women moving to the C-suite?

    Leading from the front, inspiring people to come on the journey and being able to authentically communicate the direction were identified as key qualities that will help women move up the ranks.

    But the key message she wanted women to remember was that different times call for different leadership skills and there’s a need to continually develop and adapt once reaching the top. “That’s what will give you the x-factor … the ability to adapt to complex demands.”

    However, she stressed you can never entirely be in control. Juggling the work life balance act is an “extreme sport” and for Helen she is a big believer that you can have it all but not necessarily at the same time.

    “You need to look for organisations that carve a space for family commitments both for men and women,” she said. “You need to embrace who you are and the lifecycle you are at. And it’s important to remember there are always opportunities further down the track.”

    Now enjoying director and advisory roles for organisations including Crown, the Snowy Hydro and JP Morgan, Helen could never be accused of getting stuck. She has had three diverse career paths and passionately believes she has a responsibility to not kick the ladder out from behind.

    “I’d like to be remembered as someone who created a pathway for others,” she said.

    Looking at the audience writing down her tips, there’s no doubt she’s inspired others to keep moving forward.


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